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Making Waves!

Making Waves - Anne Humphrey, Upcoming Best Selling Author - #DammitExecute

You can only imagine how I feel when I think about my Upcoming Best Selling Book that I am about to birth.

I am honored & humbled that #DammitExecute selected me!

Before this journey started for me I always knew that I would write a book. That seed was planted and realized in the late 90's when I heard this speaker Mr. George C. Fraser speaking and said "all of us have a book that must be written. We have success that runs in our race." (I am paraphrasing) however, because of what he shared in that moment I agreed with him and as well as the Universe to take upon that mission in writing a book.

My life journeyed on as I begin to grow, experience and see other things & places. The book was basically in my subconscious mind and much later in life I reconnected back with that vision/seed that was planted in the late 90's.

Currently, I am now more elated that I will not only write a book, but a Best Seller! I now have advanced and become much wiser with understanding how to properly appreciate and protect this gift. I understand #DammitExecute selected me out of billions & trillions of people to breathe life & light into it. I am AHmazed to be trusted with this beautiful gift and will continue to treat it as such.

I Am Grateful #DammitExecute! I will make you proud!

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