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鈾︷煍光櫐馃敼This.Is.BIG! BIG! 鉂椻潡鉂桽pecial #AHdate! As you are already AHware that I am diligently working on my Upcoming Best Selling book - #DammitExecute. Writing a book is a major AHccomplishment within itself, however, creating a Best Seller is on a whole different level. Let me share a few vital tips that I have come to realize during this process how crucially important it is to master. 馃敳Tip 1: 馃敼Do not hold NOTHING back. - I am giving away sooooooo much information, stories etc in my book that I believe wholeheartedly the reader will find real, relatable & applicable. 馃敳Tip 2: 馃敼Write like it is your last. - It is super imperative to me that I stay transparent as well as surrender during my writing process. Hey, let's face it...when others are able to see themselves in your story as well as journey with you, well, this is what clearly separates you from your on the surface writer versus having skin in the game. 馃敳Tip 3: 鈾evelop a marketing strategy model long before your book launches. - Most Authors fall into this trap. I have seen this happen time and time again. It is not that they are unwilling to create and develop a strong marketing strategy, it is because they are unaware of this crucial & vital step that MUST happen BEFORE they even write their first paragraph for their book. This tip is perhaps one of the most deathly overlooked steps to many upcoming & published authors. TAKE HEED!鉂椻潡鉂 - In saying this, I am currently building a massive NETWORK of different professionals. I invite those who desire to help share with their circle of influence about my Upcoming Best Selling Book. I understand that creating mutually beneficial relationships is pivotal.

鈾︷煍糕櫐馃敻Are you a Author, Blogger and/or a Digital Influencer that would be open to connecting? If so, I would love to hear from you RIGHT AWAY! Please leave a detailed message here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Let me share a little bit about me & what to expect from this Best Seller 馃摎

馃挗 So, here's the deal. I am thankful to be a Servant Leader who understands the importance of sharing knowledge as well as being a good steward. 馃挮I inherited & possess proven systems as well as real stories conveying "How To Get Out Of Your Own Way." This book will not only equip YOU, the reader, it will also provide a looking glass into your own life (both personally & professionally). 猸愨瓙猸愨瓙猸愨瓙猸愨瓙猸愨瓙猸愨瓙猸愨瓙猸愨瓙 This is what YOU can expect to receive: 鉁 A Page Turner, 鉁擣ull Engagement, 鉁擝reath-taking Journeys, 鉁擨nstant Connections, 鉁擬ind-Blowing Mysteries, 鉁擨dentifiable Take Aways, and much, much more! This masterpiece will add so much value not only to your life, moreover, significance to others around you. - 馃挗This upcoming Best Seller is predicted to not only sell 5 MILLION COPIES world wide, it is also predicted to massively create award winning business solutions by transforming communities both locally & globally. - 鈾lthough, I have an array of stories 馃摎 that must be told & shared throughout the world - the first book that must make its World Premiere/Debut is: DAMMIT! EXECUTE! 4 Key Principles To Getting Out Of Your Own Way While Optimizing Success. - 鈾︷煍光櫐馃敼If my story has resonated and generated an interest, I invite you to Support a #Speaker, Upcoming #BestSellingAuthor and #WorldChangerby Donating NOW! 馃挜 If you are not able to donate yourself,**** Help Spread The Word. **** by sharing. Here's how, Simply: 猸 Share my book campaign link with all of your friends. 猸怢et your Email, Twitter, and Facebook contacts know about my campaign. 猸 Share why you are touched, moved & inspired.

Thank you!

Forever staying in transformation, 馃拑馃挴馃挮

Anne Humphrey, Upcoming Best Selling Author

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