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Dammit! Execute! Book Cover

Attention World Changers:


I am excited to AHnnounce that I have a book coming out!

I am revising the nuts and bolts to my book.



Here are a few things you outta know AHbout my upcoming Best Selling Book!


  • My book has shock value and a page turner!

  • My book is one of the most anticipated books of 2020!

  • My book will get you further faster, real results and build your execution muscle.

  • My book will break down exactly how execution works.

  • My book is incredibly captivating & painstakingly true!

  • My book will demonstrate  how to BE YOU! Only better. 

  • My book will reveal worst mistakes & best tips to execute.


This is not an ordinary book. It is gripping, powerful and will leave you stunned!

It's the dawn of a new is DAMMIT! EXECUTE!


What if there is a book with an exact science of execution. Would you invest?


It's the birthing of a LEGENDARY BOOK .


I've made up my mind years ago,

to impact a

BILLION lives!


We invite you to be AHpart of this movement!

Here are a few ways you can get involved!


  • DONATE now to our Official Go Fund Me account: GOFUNDME

  • Purchase your very own DAMMIT! EXECUTE! UNISEX T-shirt in our Dammit! Apparels store. #DammitApparels 

Wish To Partner?


We are honored for your genuine interest. Please send all inquires here: Contact Us and/or email directly to: 


Thank you in advance for your lavish investment! 

Upcoming Best Selling Author,

Anne Humphrey

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