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The Science of Execution Revealed!
Learn 4 Key Principles To Getting Out Of Your Own Way While Optimizing Success.
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My Story

Attention World Changers!

I am Anne Humphrey, Creator/Founder of Now Your Life Transforms - Transformational Life Coach, Consultant & Speaker. Creator/Founder of The AH Show. Author of Upcoming New York Times Best Selling book: DAMMIT! EXECUTE! The Science of Execution Revealed! 4 Key Principles to Getting Out of Your On Way While Optimizing Success.  

My primary aim is to transform & positively change the world globally. 


From parents of entrepreneurs & community resuscitators, to Upcoming Best Selling Author - DAMMIT! EXECUTE! The Science of Execution Revealed! 4 Key Principles To Getting Out of Your Own Way While Optimizing Success - native to Ft. Lauderdale, FL - presents - Anne Humphrey.


"I was blessed to be raised in an environment where I would hear my parents speaking about business, writing & negotiating contracts, running & managing multiple businesses, giving back to the community, being able to have freedoms as a child due to their strong work ethic, and the list could go on and on. 


It was a privilege to grow up in that kind of space that now I can articulate & truly see what I was in the midst of.


It was a different day and time when men took pride in providing for their families - NO MATTER WHAT! My parents created and designed a thriving environment which allowed and gave me all the necessary tools to be groomed for whatever my destiny may become.

It's in my DNA to Thrive Not Survive. It's in my DNA to Rise & Soar, Not acquiesce to Mediocrity. It's in my DNA to be Strong & Courageous, Not to Cower & be Devoured.

My book is not for everyone. It's only for those entrepreneurs, executives & leaders that have an acquired taste for high dosages of resiliency & unyielding principles that will radically transform their life.

Life is adventurous & full of beautiful surprises. Take full advantage of all the opportunities that await you. Take the shots, and the heck with everyone else."

I invite you to DONATE and share my jaw-dropping, mind-opening, earth-shattering, beyond belief, dream-building - Upcoming Best Selling Book!


This book is the first book of the DAMMIT! series. I invite you to join me during my #bookjourney.  


Thank you!

Forever staying in transformation,

Anne Humphrey, Upcoming Best Selling Author


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